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To give our community a strong foundation, we empower our neighbors to overcome hardship and achieve financial stability. Times of economic crisis only exacerbate financial challenges for many in our community. Our partnerships in Financial Stability seek to meet both the immediate needs of our neighbors, and to build a community where everyone can thrive. 

Our Strategy: In an uncertain economy, United Way has worked with partners to come alongside individuals and families, acting as scaffolding for those looking to build toward their future. We invest in case management that helps people work toward housing and income stability, programs that develop the skills needed for new job opportunities or higher education, and training to empower entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and contribute to our small business economy. 

Our Community Investment and Regional Investment grants are supporting our funded partners work, including:


In the last year, many found themselves seeking support for the first time - ALICE families in particular. ALICE lives above the Federal Poverty Line, but works around the clock to make ends meet, invest in the future, or save in case of crisis. Our network of partners provided a safety net of support in food, housing, utilities, medication, and referrals to additional resources. We’re leveraging corporate and federal dollars to offer a safety net that does more than just catch, that provides support, and the opportunity to bounce back. 

Meet ALICE in Arkansas

Arkansas's ALICE report was commissioned by the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation.