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Mary’s Center: A Community Center for Those in Need

Sifredy believes he wouldn’t be alive today if Mary’s Center didn’t urge him to get immediate treatment for severe hepatitis. Sandra says the community health organization helped her turn her life around after a breast cancer diagnosis. And Michelle credits the clinic with pinpointing her trauma and arming her with the coping skills to move forward.

United Way Helps Working Americans Access Money-Saving Tools, Tax Credits

As a single mom with two kids, Carla Griffith walked a financial tightrope. Despite working three jobs in 2015, the Connecticut mom found herself falling behind on bills with no clear way to catch up.

“I would walk in my house and hold my breath when I flipped the light switch, hoping the electricity wasn’t turned off,” she says. And when she wasn’t worrying about the electricity, she feared her car would be repossessed for failing to make payments.

United Way Partners with Business Leaders to Tackle Youth Unemployment

More than 13 percent of the world’s youth are unemployed. That’s 71 million youth who aren’t bringing home a paycheck, not to mention the additional 156 million youth who do have a job, yet still remain in extreme or moderate poverty. And in most labor markets around the world, the numbers are particularly dire for women.

7 Tips for Young Professionals, from Experienced Volunteer Mentors

January is National Mentoring Month, a time to highlight the impact caring adults can have in the lives of young people. United Way’s mentoring programs vary, from improving student success in school, to promoting healthy eating and physical activity, to guiding young adults into a successful career. Here is some advice from United Way volunteers who mentor young professionals.

Expanding Opportunity – Building Hope: The EITC

“When I received the EITC, it helped A LOT. We were in a terrible situation. I was biking to school, my internship, my job, the grocery store, and finally back home in the dark. Being a full time student, having two part time jobs, and being a new father- is not a good thing when you’re on a bike. Having the EITC expanded my income enough to buy a car.”- James   

Takeaways from the World Economic Forum

In a recent New York Times column, Nicolas Kristof reminded us of some of the good news happening around the world.

Kristof noted that, according to the World Bank, every day 250,000 people escape extreme poverty.  Since 1990, vaccinations, breast-feeding promotion and other health treatments have saved more than 100 million children’s lives.  And parents today are only half as likely to lose a child as in 1990. 

This incredibly important progress is raising the standard of living for people worldwide.

Addressing Racial Inequality on MLK Day of Service

Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service is an opportunity to honor the legacy of Dr. King, and continue his mission to empower and strengthen local communities. While many Americans will choose to make an immediate impact by volunteering at school and park clean-up projects, food banks and homeless shelters, many others will join United Way and our partners in longer term work to address racial inequality and social justice.


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