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My Alternative Spring Break: Lessons Learned? Check!

When Deloitte asked me to participate in their Alternative Spring Break program with United Way in Atlanta, GA, I knew it was a good sign.  During college, I ventured on an Alternative Spring Break trip through a student organization to the same city. Five of my fellow classmates volunteered on this trip with me and I still remember the jokes, stories, and lessons learned from our time.

Mayor and County Officials Shine a Spotlight on National Service

Today marks Mayor and County Recognition Day for National Service, which encourages elected officials to shine a spotlight on the impact national service members have in local communities. Throughout the country, nearly 4,000 mayors, city officials, and tribal leaders will hold public events to recognize national service as an effective system that improves lives, strengthens communities, and alleviates poverty. 

United Way is proud to join elected officials in the nationwide salute to thank AmeriCorps and Senior Corps members who serve.

5 Takeaways From My Alternative Spring Break

Recently, I was lucky enough to work alongside over 60 university students and Deloitte professionals serving Greater Atlanta and its communities as part of United Way’s Alternative Spring Break. During my week there, I volunteered for the Premier Academy of Easter Seals North Georgia (ESNG), an organization that meets the needs of children with disabilities, supplying equal opportunity to achieve self-sufficiency. Through my experience, I was humbled by the joyous capability I witnessed in the life of the children I served, the students with whom I met, and the five lessons I learned.

Take a Walk In My Shoes

Every day, thousands of families across America perform an intricate financial balancing act while trying to make ends meet.

Your child wants to play soccer after school.  You’ve got to do something about that painful tooth. Just 7 days left on your bus pass. Do you, once again, depend on others for a ride to work? Say no to your daughter when all she dreams about is joining the team?  Put off a visit to the dentist and push through the pain that keeps you from concentrating at work?

6 Tips to Avoid Costly Tax-Filing Mistakes

With the Tax Day less than a month away, we all want to avoid costly mistakes that can result in a higher tax bill or a delayed refund.  In support of United Way’s work to help everyone in every community achieve financial stability, H&R Block has partnered with United Way in order to bring MyFreeTaxes to people making under $64,000, which is the equivalent of 70% of the U.S. population. In addition to MyFreeTaxes, H&R Block experts offer the following tips to minimize mistakes and to maximize your refund this tax season.

1. Choosing a filing status

Beyond Slacktivists: Millennials, Volunteering and Social Cause

Slacktivism. It means quick and easy social or political participation, like signing an online petition. Some argue that –tech-savvy Millennials in particular -- who participate in the public square online but don’t show up in person –don’t care enough or are too lazy to “really” get involved.

Thousands Reap Benefits of Financial Coaching Services

At one point or another, financial issues have kept most of us awake at night. In fact, a new Bankrate survey finds that only 52 percent of us have more emergency savings that credit card debt.

Delma, a grandmother from Miami, wasn’t prepared when she lost her job several years ago.

“I didn’t have the savings to fall back on,” Delma said. “I didn’t have the credit to lean on. I didn’t know how to budget effectively to survive while trying to get on my feet.”

How the White House can join the fight against Human Trafficking

You never forget the stories.

Teenagers tricked into forced prostitution. Men who travel halfway around the world for a good job, only to be deceived into forced labor.  Advocates who spend their entire lives fighting to help survivors.

Human trafficking is a terrible stain on our society. As I said earlier this year, it’s an issue that many of us hear about, but don’t fully understand.

United Way Celebrates how #AmeriCorpsWorks during AmeriCorps Week

Each year during AmeriCorps Week, United Way and the Corporation for National and Community Service recognize the dedication and commitment of nearly 80,000 AmeriCorps, AmeriCorps VISTA, and AmeriCorps NCCC members helping fight for the education, health and financial stability of every person in 21,000 communities.


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