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Online Campaigns

thumb_TruistHighly customized, personalized and dynamic, your staff and United Way can create a custom online pledging site for your employee campaign. The online pledging system's advanced operating technology takes on much of the administrative and managerial tasks associated with a workplace giving program. And you and your employees invest in your local community within a secure, internet-based giving environment.
  • A unique workplace giving site developed specifically for your company allows for increased awareness of United Way at all levels of the company.
  • Employees can view a calendar of events, link to United Way's website or a custom website, visit optional leadership or corporate matching sections, make a pledge and more.

Is Online Pledging Right For Your Business?
United Way's online pledging system provides an efficient way to manage and administer workplace campaigns. It significantly lowers the cost of creating unique company sites or purchasing new, costly software while providing rich, customized content and comprehensive workplace giving features. The system is ideal for your organization if one or more of the following statements apply:

  • Your business has an existing, committed relationship with United Way.
  • Your employees have internet access and are comfortable with making transactions on the web.
  • The efficiency of United Way's online pledging system will allow your company to implement a first-time workplace campaign.
  • Your company's locations are spread across a wide geographic area.

The Benefits Of the Online Pledging System
In our technology driven society, online giving is the future of charitable giving. Online giving campaigns bring workplace giving into the 21st Century. The benefits of implementing an online giving program in your organization include:

  • Increased efficiency in the administration of your United Way workplace campaign by replacing the paper pledge card.
  • Employees are provided with a convenient, highly personalized and user-friendly tool to make pledges.
  • A unique workplace giving site developed specifically for your company allows for increased awareness or United Way at all levels at the company.
  • Online reporting provides action-oriented campaign management information to help assist your Employee Campaign Manager in administering your United Way campaign.
  • Allows for a uniformed campaign across geographic barriers.
  • Employee donations are captured and protected by a sophisticated firewall and advanced application security including giving information encryption-earning the site Cybersource Secure Site certification.

For more information about online campaigns, please contact:

Brad Robertson @ 501-376-4567


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