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50 Ways to Live United!

1.  Donate blood
2.  Donate toiletries to a local shelter
3.  Volunteer as a coach
4.  Be a troop leader
5.  Donate canned goods to food bank
6.  Encourage your family and co-workers to get their yearly health screening
7.  Participate in a walk-a-thon
8.  Volunteer at a local school
9.  Register to vote
10. Donate new or gently used clothes to a local agency
11. Tutor at an adult literacy program
12. Send a message to your representative and advocate on behalf of issues you support
13. Serve a meal at a local shelter
14. Learn how to properly administer CPR
15. Donate diapers
16. Call your local library and volunteer to host a children’s reading hour
17. Make care packages for deployed soldiers
18. Save your soda tabs for a nonprofit
19. Mow your sick neighbors yard
20. Share your talents or skills at a senior home
21. Take a walk with your family and collect trash in your neighborhood
22. Volunteer at a program that teaches life skills
23. Join the PTA
24. Help senior citizens learn how to detect and prevent fraud
25. Be a mentor
26. Organize a food drive
27. Invite someone to dinner who would otherwise be alone
28. Send your favorite teacher a thank you note
29. Organize a fundraising event (drink stand, car wash or yard sale) and donate proceeds to charity
30. Offer free babysitting to single mom or family in need
31. Welcome new neighbors
32. Send cards to sick children
33. Support the homeless with gift certificates for food
34. Spend time with a child and listen to their hopes and dreams for the future
35. Take a casserole to a couple with a newborn baby
36. Wear a ribbon or bracelet to show your support of a cause
37. Be a designated driver
38. Go for a walk on your lunch hour and encourage others to join you
39. Volunteer at a crisis hotline center
40. Share your story
41. Make someone smile
42. Help an elderly person cross the street
43. Write letters to soldiers overseas
44. Donate gently used books and toys to a daycare center
45. Help an adult with their resume and interview skills
46. Clean up a playground
47. Redecorate a room at a shelter
48. Be a part of the recovery for a natural disaster
49. Hold someone’s hand
50. Donate your time or money to support the Heart of Arkansas United Way


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